Friday, March 12, 2010

Top instant messengers for e71 - Palringo & Nimbuzz (updated)

About palringo:
- multiple messengers login such as facebook, yahoo , msn, googletalk etc
- ability to broadcast your voice (works like a walkitalkie) and share pictures with everyone in the chatroom. These 2 fantastic features being available in the phone version. Lotza fun see ya there.... download @ Palringo
I will be at the "Singapore" room! as the admin of the room.

About nimbuzz:
- Twitter & Skype supported!
- Ability to take photos secretly (no flash/ no sound)
- Large amount of users database (can find more friends!)
- Avatar displayed in chat rooms (so you will know who you are talking to even if they keep change nick!)

Have fun!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to enter a Nimbuzz Chatroom on your pc?

Nimbuzz creators are so slow at implementing the pc version with chatroom feature....that many people have become frustrated....However there are jabber programs like Pandion which allows you to enter a nimbuzz chat room from the comfort of your computer. It is extremely user friendly and the layout is pretty too.

Download Pandion here

How to use:
1) Download, install on your pc
2) At the login screen under address type in your nimbuzz add (eg. and your password for that nimbuzz account
3) At the bottom of the login screen click on connection settings and a box will pop out. Input Address: (or and port: 5222
Press Ok
4) Sign in
5) How to enter Nimbuzz chat room?
Go Actions>Create a conference room>
Input Service address:
Room name : xxxxx (eg. singapore)
Press Ok

If you want to add the rooms as bookmarks just go Bookmarks>add to bookmarks

any queries just leave a msg here for me. Enjoy.
Thnx for reading.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Bombus Mod

Existing nimbuzz users, Good News! Do you know you can enter a nimbuzz chat room using 2 IDs on a single phone? If you don't know, now you know you can!

use this:Bombus Mod for the 1st ID and with original nimbuzz program for the 2nd ID


There are many versions in the zipped file, but just unzipped the, put the bombus.jar inside your phone and install.

Login settings:
User Name : Your Nimbuzz User Name ( bedone " " )
Password : Your Password
Server :
Host Name / Ip (optional) :
Port : 5222

to enter a chat room, go conference> input the name of the chat room> change to

This program is capable of saving texts as templates and letz you copy/paste/quote texts conveniently.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

MSDict Oxford Dictionary Of Idioms

For those who are interested in learning english idoms, try this software. Learn idioms on the go and impress your friends!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NES on e71 - GPfce

Miss the good old days playing mario on NES? Well now you can relinquish your ego back on your e71! It is a great game to have on the go! Well I personally sucked at platforms but save/load state is the best weapon I can ever have =)

NES emulator

Recommended game(s):

Super Mario Bros 3★★★★☆

Monday, June 8, 2009

How to put an auto shutdown timer for e71 radio?

Use the Profile Scheduler which can be found by using the search box on the left to find "Must have e71 softwares".

Go Options>New Schedule> Profile: Offline> Set on time (the time you want your radio to be turned off.

In offline mode, the radio cannot be used hence when you configure profile scheduler to switch to offline mode when the time is up, your radio will be turned off automatically.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Best currency convertor for e71

Handy converter is the best currency converter I have seen so far. Unlike the crappy built-in converter on e71 where you have to update the currency rates manually, this can be updated via wifi/gprs straight using the program itself! Now you can have accurate and up-to-date conversion rate on your phone. Not only does it do currency conversion, it also do measurements as well so try it yourself!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

BitTorrent for e71

Now you can download your favourite mp3 str8 to your e71!

New album release torrent:
Linkin Park - New Divide (Transformers Single 2009 320kbps)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Best dictionary for e71 - MSDict Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Thesaurus

The built in dictionary for e71 has very limited vocabulary words. Try words like 'tawdry' and you wont have any search results. But this concise oxford dictionary is different, it has all if not most of the words I have searched so far and provided very detailed explanation. This is a holy 2 in 1 program, use the settings to switch between the dictionary and thesaurus.


*Note: if you are having problem entering words for the dictionary on a e71, press and hold 'shift' (the 2nd button to the right from bottom extreme left hand side) while typing the letters.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

mIRC for e71

mIRGGI is a Free Mobile IRC (internet relay chat) application for the Nokia E71. It’s almost like having a desktop IRC on your phone.

It is a fantastic online chatting software for people like me who are bored at nite and looking for someone to chat with. You can chat with anyone around the globe with the right server. For more info on servers you can do a google search for your region.

download here

Where I am usually at:
port: 6667
Chatroom: #Singapore

now you wont be lonely anymore at nite

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sega Genesis on e71 - picodrive

This time you dont have to put all your roms into a specific folder because you can browse folders using the emulator menu.

Sega Genesis emulator

Recommended games:

Street of Rage 2★★★★☆ Platform
Golden Axe 2★★★☆☆ Platform
Rocket knight adventures★★★☆☆ Platform
Sonic 3★★★☆☆ Platform
Shining force★★★★★ RPG
Michael Jackson's moonwalker★★★☆☆ Platform

dune the battle for arrakis★★★★☆ Strategy

Shining force 2★★★★★ RPG

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

GBA on e71 - vBag

Here is it ! Gameboy advance games on mobile phone !! The games are running at a decent 70% gba speed on e71 and this is sufficient to run all the rpgs on gba without lag. Gba is a superb platform for great rpgs and now you can play them on the go and even in class!! lol no one will notice you are playing games when you are holding on to a serious looking e71, they might think you are texting at most. What a tactical way to play great games.

Download GBA emulator for e71 here!!!

Recommended game(s) aka ROM(s):

yggdra union★★★★☆ strategy rpg
Pokemon emerald★★★★★ casual rpg
Final Fantasy tactics★★★★★ strategy rpg
Harvest moon★★★★☆ casual rpg
Summon night swordcraft story★★★★☆ rpg
Super robot taisen original generation★★★★★ strategy rpg
Lufia★★★★☆ rpg
puyo pop fever★★★★☆ puzzle
Super puzzle fighter 2 turbo★★★★☆ puzzle
Fire emblem★★★★★ strategy rpg
Riveria★★★★☆ rpg
Yu Gi Oh! - Ultimate Masters - World Championship Tournament 2006★★★★★ "magic cards"
Mario Golf - Advance Tour★★★★☆ sports
Final Fantasy vi★★★★☆ rpg
Fire emblem II - The sacred stones★★★★★ strategy rpg
Super robot taisen original generation 2★★★★★ strategy rpg
Summon night swordcraft story 2★★★★☆ rpg
tactical ogre - The knight of lodis★★★★★ Strategic
omnimusha tactics★★★★☆ Strategic
Rebel Star tactical command★★★★☆ Strategic

Installation instructions: install Gameboy advance emulator for e71 to e:\ and save ROM(s) to e:\data\Others\vBag
Open the emulator and load the ROM.

Note: use your computer to open the keygen!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

GBC on e71 - Goboy

grab this application now !! I am enjoying all my favourites gameboy colour games atm ^^ These games are running at 100% gbc speed on e71!

Gameboy colour emulator

The application is in chinese, if you dont understand, leave a msg here I can help you translate.

Recommended game(s) aka ROM(s):

Dragon warrior monster 2★★★★★ Breed the most powerful monster!
Dragon warrior monster ★★★★★ Breed the most powerful monster!

Install Gameboy Colour emulator for e71 to phone memory and save your ROM(s) to c:\GoBoy\

Sunday, April 5, 2009

why is there no sound with your java games on e71? ; the speaker came out full blast upon opening java games

If you want your java games to have sounds, make sure ur current phone profile has the 'warning tone' on. And if you are complaining that the speaker comes out at full blast upon opening a java game then I am sorry to say that there is no way to adjust the volume via the call volume button on the right side of the phone. All of the s60v3 (.sis or .sisx) games have build-in volume control while only some java games have this function, and this is the only way to adjust the volume of the game.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Best e71 games; Top e71 games; Highly recommended e71 games; free e71 games

I have been surfing the net for e71 games over this past few months. It is really frustrating to see that most games are in 240x320 resolution, but with patience I've discovered alot of fun games which I really enjoyed and probably keep me entertained for at least a year !! I would like to share with you guys what I have on my e71. These games are filtered from many many games that I have played and believed they are some very lasting games that wont bored you down only after a few hours of playing. I will be constantly updating more fun games in this blog. Here is the list:

1. Chop Sushi! ★★★★★
2. Sim city societies ★★★☆☆
3. Risk mobile ★★★☆☆
4. Build-a-lot ★★★☆☆
5. Townsmen 5 ★★★☆☆
6. Age of empire III ★★★☆☆
7. Sim City metropolis ★★★☆☆
8. QBlox ★★★☆☆
9. Trivial Pursuit ★★★☆☆
10. Who wants to be a millionair 10th anniversary★★★☆☆
11. Mau Mau★★★☆☆
12. Westward ★★★★★
13. Virtual Pool mobile ★★★☆☆
14. PileUp! Candymania ★★★★☆
15. Skyforce reloaded★★★☆☆
16. Hidden expedition Titanic ★★★☆☆
17. Command and conquer 3 ★★★☆☆
18. Panzer Tactic 2 ★★★☆☆
19. My Little Tank★★★☆☆
20. TradeWinds 2★★★☆☆
21. Revival Deluxe★★★☆☆
22. Super Fruit Fall★★★☆☆
23. Romans and Babarians★★★☆☆
24. AD1066 William the conquerer★★★☆☆
25. Sola Rola★★★☆☆
26. Blocspin 360★★★☆☆
27. Krally★★★★☆
28. Uno★★★☆☆
29. Monopoly Here and Now★★★★☆
30.Catan The First Island★★★★★ complex board game with bluetooth capability
31. Fish Tycoon★★★★☆ Breeding game
32. My pet monster★★★☆☆ Breeding game

All the above titles are full screen on e71 and zero lagg free. If link doesnt works pls notify me via the chat box on the LHS ty. 3 stars rating might not meant it is less fun than a 4 stars, just that I am still playing the game and figuring out itz fun meter.

For more games on e71 pls browser thru the rest of my blog ty.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to improve youtube video quality on e71?

Have you ever wonder why the youtube on your e71 graphics is so horrible? There are 2 solutions to go about tackling this problem.

1) use a software called mobitubia. The video quality played by this youtube based software is very clear. Enjoy!

dl here:

2) use skyfire browser. It has build in flash that allows you to watch any streaming video on your e71 !! It is also faster to watch with this compared to using mobitubia.

dl here:

Take note that while your are watching video, your screen will go to blackout standby mode. To solve this problem get S60spoton as mentioned in previous post.

Turn the backlight to permanent on and enjoy your streaming video on skyfier browser !

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to Resize Jar App/Game Resolution to 320*240

Read this forum and learn how to use the resolution converting program:

Free Chinese chess.jar

For the many chinese chess fans like me, it is sad to see that most chinese chess java softwares are NOT free !!! However I finally found a totally free Chinese Chess software and here it is:

ChineseChess 320x240

NOTE !!!
When you are playing, if it prompts you to purchase certain features via sms, just switch profile to offline mode and send the sms. You wont actually send any sms since when you are 'sending' the sms your are not using any service provider in offline mode. This makes the whole software totally free!!!

Must have e71 softwares
Profile Scheduler is a free Profile scheduler application that allows automated profile changing with timer scheduling.
Summary: Theme Scheduler is a free theme scheduler application that allows automated theme schduling with timer, or automated theme changing according to active profile.

Now you don't have to remember switching your phone off/ put to silent mode at night to prevent calls from disturbing your sleep.

Best e71 Theme. Top e71 Theme. Beautiful e71 Theme. Pretty e71 Theme. Nature e71 Theme. Scenery e71 Theme. Killer e71 Theme.

After screening plenty and plenty of e71 themes on the internet. I finally found themes with full custom icons, very clear wallpaper and refreshing feel. Here are the links (will keep update, preview available!),nokia/10206,iphone_v2/,nokia/10179,spring_rain/

How to solve Certificate error?

Albeit making the settings for installation of softwares to "ALL" instead of "signed Only", the error still comes out. There is a solution to this.

Go to :

follow the instruction to signed the softwares and datz it!
It is very quick and the whole process can be done within 5mins.

How to hide files in my e71?

When you have a large quantity of image files such as those from google maps, it took a very very long , if not infinity time for you to browse your image gallery. I found a way to counter this by installing Y browser.

With Y browser I can safely hide all those image files from google maps and those images wont show up in my image gallery ^^.

How to change message tone?

Some , if not all of you have this problem when you try to change the message tone. Your sound files doesn't shows up even though you tried to browse your phone memory, it took very long for your e71 to scan the entire memory and eventually it pops out a 'download sound' and 'off' options. Don't worry this can be easily solved by removing your memory card temporary and the sound list from your phone will show up on your e71 (remember to transfer your desired ring tone to your phone memory first). This is a bug, e71 have a problem producing the sound list when it is more than , erm letz say 400 i suppose... but once you remove your memory card, the number of sound files becomes manageable.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to turn e71 flash light into a torch?

download an application called S60spoton from here:


Monday, January 26, 2009

Tips on preventing accidental access to GPRS/WAP

When you are using GPRS, an icon will show up on the top left hand side of the home screen as 3.5g with 2 arrows beneath (symbolise hsdpa, high speed downlink packet access)

Fear your bill will explode from accidental usage and yet do not want to delete all the WAP connections? No worry, here is the trick. Go menu>tool>settings>connection>access points. For all the WAP/GPRS access point, ask every one of them to prompt for password.

So when you are using internet/application that require internet access, e71 will pop out a prompt box for username and password.

Note: if you do not want your e71 to have access to GPRS, press CANCEL on prompt. If you enter a wrong username or password, the GPRS/WAP connection will still proceed because most WAP do not require username and password in the first place. The pop out prompt box is only to warn you that an internet connection with GPRS is about to be made.

Singtel GPRS data charge rate

Check your gprs usage (from IDEAS WAP, IDEAS Internet etc) here :

It is in MB, then multiply by 1000 and $0.0053/kb and you will get the charge.
eg: 1.1mb x 1000 x $0.0053 = $5.83sgd

How to use Google maps without internet connection

read this forum on Mobile Gmap and how you can create stored map. This way when you are lost and without internet access. You still can use the gps and stored maps to find your way out.

1. Skip the java virtual machine installation step because e71 can already handle java applications without it. That installation file is for other phones which cant handle java files.

2. pls install the signed mgmaps-signed.jad
And then go to menu>installation>app manager>mgmaps>open>settings>read user data>always allow

3. Go to menu>tools>settings>general>positioning> tick agps, integrated, network based

How to get rid of BOTH the breathing light and clock in standby mode?

have you ever wonder which of these 2 consume more energy? (breathing light or clock screen saver) I did a test with nokia energy profiler and found that with the clock screen saver w/o breathing light, my e71 is consuming 0.02watt. And breathing light w/o screen saver is 0.01watt.

If you want to switch off BOTH screen saver and breathing light, you need the following program:

step 1: Go menu > tools > Themes > power saver choose "cClock v1.21"
step 2: Go menu > tools > profiles> General> Personalise > Breathing light choose "off"
last step: Go Menu > Installations > cClock > inside the programs there are many tabs, use the left and right button on the D pad to navigate. Here is my settings:

General: Display color "white on black" ; Power saving mode "yes" ; Backlight "no" ; whole background "no"
Time: "no"
Analog clock: "no"
Date: "no"
week: "no"
Icon: "no"
Chinese: "no"
stopwatch: "no"

options that I never mention means doesnt matter.

How to check program power usage in e71?

Try this program from nokia:

It is real nice.

Difference between signed and unsigned files

If your application is signed and installed, you can config under the application manager to let the application have the permission to access your memory data. This way, your application wont keep prompt you for access when you are using it.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Best browser for e71

There are 2 very impressive browsers namely Opera Mini and skyfire.

Opera mini has a much faster surfing speed than Skyfire but no build in flash. Which means you cannot view any streaming video using this browser on your e71. Skyfire on the other hand has this build in flash that allows you to watch your favourite streaming dramas on your e71 such as, etc u name it! Itz surfing speed is also much faster than the build in e71 broswer. Give it a try o.-

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Failed to remove files from e71

This happens when the un-installation process is interrupted i.e. you force shut down your phone while removing the file.
To solve this problem, simply install the file again and then uninstall. If this fails, the only choice left is a factory reset i.e format your phone.

Dial *#7370#

Certificate expired

Did you encounter this problem 'Certificate expired' when installing files on your e71?
Fred not, just change your phone's year to a previous year i.e. from 17/12/2008 to 17/12/2007 and carry on the installation. Remember to change back to the current year after you have made your installation.

How to install unsigned files?

go to menu>Installations>Application manager>Settings

change the Software installation from "Signed only" to 'All"

Note that some unsigned files are protected, so even if you follow these steps, your symbian still wont allow you to install the files. Hacking the OS is required but it is not recommended and wont be covered in this blog.

Where to download free full version java games for E71 / Syambian S60 V3 ?

Free full version java games

these games are in 320 X 240 size. You can try those 240 X 320 size but usually they fall out of place on your e71 screen.

How to disable camera shutter sound?

The answer is YOU CANT ! Nokia make it such a way that you cannot take photos secretly, and this is in line with the legal systems in some countries.

But fred not, just download an application called Ccam. Here is the download link:

Nokia E71 Shortcuts

  • To get to a symbol or number hold down its key.
  • Shift + Backspace deletes letters after the cursor.
  • In icon view:
    A B C D
    E F G H
    I J K L

    To open A press 1, 2 for B, 3 for C, * for D, 4 for E, 5 for F, etc.

  • Fn + Ctrl + C to copy.
  • Fn + Ctrl + V to paste.
  • Shift + Left ( or Right ) to select text.
  • Ctrl + Up for page up.
  • Ctrl + Down for page down.
  • Ctrl + Vowels ( or n ) for accented characters like á or ñ.


  • T to focus.


  • Green Call to send the image.
  • Fn + * for full screen.
  • Fn + 7 to zoom in. Press twice for the full screen size.
  • Fn + 4 to scroll left while in the zoomed image.
  • Fn + 5 to zoom in.
  • Fn + 3 to rotate right.
  • Fn + 2 to scroll up while in the zoomed image.
  • Fn + 1 to rotate left.
  • Fn + 0 to zoom out.
  • Fn + 2 for full screen video mode.

Home Screen

  • Hold * to activate/deactivate Bluetooth.
  • Hold 0 to go to the web browser.
  • Left Soft Key then Fn ( or * ) locks the keypad.
  • Hold End/Red to disconnect all data connections.
  • Hold Left Soft Key to read out new text messages.
  • To dial 1-800-WHATEVER: type 1800, Fn, Shift twice, type WHATEVER, Call/Green to dial.


  • Shift + Return to mark/unmark a single message.
  • Shift + Down to mark multiple items.
  • Fn + Spacebar in new message body to access input (predictive text, etc.) options.


  • Shift to zoom in.
  • Backspace to zoom out.
  • Space to go to the current position.

Music Player

  • 4 for Last Track, press and hold will Rewind.
  • 5 for Play/Pause.
  • 6 for Next Track, press and hold will Fast Forward.
  • 8 for Stop.

Real Player

  • 2 for full screen.
  • Hold Up for fast forward.
  • Hold Down for rewind.


  • 1 for bookmarks.
  • 2 to find something on a page.
  • 3 to return to the previous page.
  • 5 to tab open windows.
  • * to zoom in.
  • # to zoom out.
  • 8 for page overview.
  • 9 to go to a different web page.
  • 0 to got to the homepage.
  • Backspace to close the current window.

Factory Hard Reset

  • Dial *#7370#

Tips on playing java games on E71

Are you frustrated that everytime when you are playing java games on E71, you need to press the function key (the bottom left most key) to use the num pad (0-9, *, #) ?

Fred not here is the solution! When you are in game, just press the function key 2 times and you can use the num pad for as long as you wish. Double press again to revert back.