Sunday, May 24, 2009

Best currency convertor for e71

Handy converter is the best currency converter I have seen so far. Unlike the crappy built-in converter on e71 where you have to update the currency rates manually, this can be updated via wifi/gprs straight using the program itself! Now you can have accurate and up-to-date conversion rate on your phone. Not only does it do currency conversion, it also do measurements as well so try it yourself!


Sunday, May 17, 2009

BitTorrent for e71

Now you can download your favourite mp3 str8 to your e71!

New album release torrent:
Linkin Park - New Divide (Transformers Single 2009 320kbps)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Best dictionary for e71 - MSDict Concise Oxford English Dictionary and Thesaurus

The built in dictionary for e71 has very limited vocabulary words. Try words like 'tawdry' and you wont have any search results. But this concise oxford dictionary is different, it has all if not most of the words I have searched so far and provided very detailed explanation. This is a holy 2 in 1 program, use the settings to switch between the dictionary and thesaurus.


*Note: if you are having problem entering words for the dictionary on a e71, press and hold 'shift' (the 2nd button to the right from bottom extreme left hand side) while typing the letters.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

mIRC for e71

mIRGGI is a Free Mobile IRC (internet relay chat) application for the Nokia E71. It’s almost like having a desktop IRC on your phone.

It is a fantastic online chatting software for people like me who are bored at nite and looking for someone to chat with. You can chat with anyone around the globe with the right server. For more info on servers you can do a google search for your region.

download here

Where I am usually at:
port: 6667
Chatroom: #Singapore

now you wont be lonely anymore at nite