Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sega Genesis on e71 - picodrive

This time you dont have to put all your roms into a specific folder because you can browse folders using the emulator menu.

Sega Genesis emulator

Recommended games:

Street of Rage 2★★★★☆ Platform
Golden Axe 2★★★☆☆ Platform
Rocket knight adventures★★★☆☆ Platform
Sonic 3★★★☆☆ Platform
Shining force★★★★★ RPG
Michael Jackson's moonwalker★★★☆☆ Platform

dune the battle for arrakis★★★★☆ Strategy

Shining force 2★★★★★ RPG

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

GBA on e71 - vBag

Here is it ! Gameboy advance games on mobile phone !! The games are running at a decent 70% gba speed on e71 and this is sufficient to run all the rpgs on gba without lag. Gba is a superb platform for great rpgs and now you can play them on the go and even in class!! lol no one will notice you are playing games when you are holding on to a serious looking e71, they might think you are texting at most. What a tactical way to play great games.

Download GBA emulator for e71 here!!!

Recommended game(s) aka ROM(s):

yggdra union★★★★☆ strategy rpg
Pokemon emerald★★★★★ casual rpg
Final Fantasy tactics★★★★★ strategy rpg
Harvest moon★★★★☆ casual rpg
Summon night swordcraft story★★★★☆ rpg
Super robot taisen original generation★★★★★ strategy rpg
Lufia★★★★☆ rpg
puyo pop fever★★★★☆ puzzle
Super puzzle fighter 2 turbo★★★★☆ puzzle
Fire emblem★★★★★ strategy rpg
Riveria★★★★☆ rpg
Yu Gi Oh! - Ultimate Masters - World Championship Tournament 2006★★★★★ "magic cards"
Mario Golf - Advance Tour★★★★☆ sports
Final Fantasy vi★★★★☆ rpg
Fire emblem II - The sacred stones★★★★★ strategy rpg
Super robot taisen original generation 2★★★★★ strategy rpg
Summon night swordcraft story 2★★★★☆ rpg
tactical ogre - The knight of lodis★★★★★ Strategic
omnimusha tactics★★★★☆ Strategic
Rebel Star tactical command★★★★☆ Strategic

Installation instructions: install Gameboy advance emulator for e71 to e:\ and save ROM(s) to e:\data\Others\vBag
Open the emulator and load the ROM.

Note: use your computer to open the keygen!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

GBC on e71 - Goboy

grab this application now !! I am enjoying all my favourites gameboy colour games atm ^^ These games are running at 100% gbc speed on e71!

Gameboy colour emulator

The application is in chinese, if you dont understand, leave a msg here I can help you translate.

Recommended game(s) aka ROM(s):

Dragon warrior monster 2★★★★★ Breed the most powerful monster!
Dragon warrior monster ★★★★★ Breed the most powerful monster!

Install Gameboy Colour emulator for e71 to phone memory and save your ROM(s) to c:\GoBoy\

Sunday, April 5, 2009

why is there no sound with your java games on e71? ; the speaker came out full blast upon opening java games

If you want your java games to have sounds, make sure ur current phone profile has the 'warning tone' on. And if you are complaining that the speaker comes out at full blast upon opening a java game then I am sorry to say that there is no way to adjust the volume via the call volume button on the right side of the phone. All of the s60v3 (.sis or .sisx) games have build-in volume control while only some java games have this function, and this is the only way to adjust the volume of the game.