Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How to enter a Nimbuzz Chatroom on your pc?

Nimbuzz creators are so slow at implementing the pc version with chatroom feature....that many people have become frustrated....However there are jabber programs like Pandion which allows you to enter a nimbuzz chat room from the comfort of your computer. It is extremely user friendly and the layout is pretty too.

Download Pandion here

How to use:
1) Download, install on your pc
2) At the login screen under address type in your nimbuzz add (eg. xxxxx@nimbuzz.com) and your password for that nimbuzz account
3) At the bottom of the login screen click on connection settings and a box will pop out. Input Address: openfire.nimbuzz.com (or snow.nimbuzz.com) and port: 5222
Press Ok
4) Sign in
5) How to enter Nimbuzz chat room?
Go Actions>Create a conference room>
Input Service address: conference.nimbuzz.com
Room name : xxxxx (eg. singapore)
Press Ok

If you want to add the rooms as bookmarks just go Bookmarks>add to bookmarks

any queries just leave a msg here for me. Enjoy.
Thnx for reading.


  1. i tried the instructions but its not working. i'm using windows 7.

  2. try to find a window 7 compatible version for pandion, if not then u probably have to find some other jabber programs. but the settings are the same