Thursday, February 12, 2009

Free Chinese chess.jar

For the many chinese chess fans like me, it is sad to see that most chinese chess java softwares are NOT free !!! However I finally found a totally free Chinese Chess software and here it is:

ChineseChess 320x240

NOTE !!!
When you are playing, if it prompts you to purchase certain features via sms, just switch profile to offline mode and send the sms. You wont actually send any sms since when you are 'sending' the sms your are not using any service provider in offline mode. This makes the whole software totally free!!!


  1. Hi thanks for the link to the game. I have a couple of questions to ask about it though.

    1) How do I resize the game? I tried using the resizing program but no matter what resolution I selected for the original resolution, it always ends up with an error.

    2) How do I switch profile to offline mode?

    Sorry for the very noob-ish questions. Thank you.

  2. sry for late reply, usually i dun check comments column haha... the game can be resized, sometimes games will always come out with error but they are still playable on e71, it is some computer syntax error.. dun bother abt it. if ur game cant be played on e71, try google for newer resizer program.
    u press the red button on top of e71 and scroll down to offline mode.
    anymore problem feel free to sound out

  3. I have resized and uploaded the file.