Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to improve youtube video quality on e71?

Have you ever wonder why the youtube on your e71 graphics is so horrible? There are 2 solutions to go about tackling this problem.

1) use a software called mobitubia. The video quality played by this youtube based software is very clear. Enjoy!

dl here:

2) use skyfire browser. It has build in flash that allows you to watch any streaming video on your e71 !! It is also faster to watch with this compared to using mobitubia.

dl here:

Take note that while your are watching video, your screen will go to blackout standby mode. To solve this problem get S60spoton as mentioned in previous post.

Turn the backlight to permanent on and enjoy your streaming video on skyfier browser !

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to Resize Jar App/Game Resolution to 320*240

Read this forum and learn how to use the resolution converting program:

Free Chinese chess.jar

For the many chinese chess fans like me, it is sad to see that most chinese chess java softwares are NOT free !!! However I finally found a totally free Chinese Chess software and here it is:

ChineseChess 320x240

NOTE !!!
When you are playing, if it prompts you to purchase certain features via sms, just switch profile to offline mode and send the sms. You wont actually send any sms since when you are 'sending' the sms your are not using any service provider in offline mode. This makes the whole software totally free!!!

Must have e71 softwares
Profile Scheduler is a free Profile scheduler application that allows automated profile changing with timer scheduling.
Summary: Theme Scheduler is a free theme scheduler application that allows automated theme schduling with timer, or automated theme changing according to active profile.

Now you don't have to remember switching your phone off/ put to silent mode at night to prevent calls from disturbing your sleep.

Best e71 Theme. Top e71 Theme. Beautiful e71 Theme. Pretty e71 Theme. Nature e71 Theme. Scenery e71 Theme. Killer e71 Theme.

After screening plenty and plenty of e71 themes on the internet. I finally found themes with full custom icons, very clear wallpaper and refreshing feel. Here are the links (will keep update, preview available!),nokia/10206,iphone_v2/,nokia/10179,spring_rain/

How to solve Certificate error?

Albeit making the settings for installation of softwares to "ALL" instead of "signed Only", the error still comes out. There is a solution to this.

Go to :

follow the instruction to signed the softwares and datz it!
It is very quick and the whole process can be done within 5mins.

How to hide files in my e71?

When you have a large quantity of image files such as those from google maps, it took a very very long , if not infinity time for you to browse your image gallery. I found a way to counter this by installing Y browser.

With Y browser I can safely hide all those image files from google maps and those images wont show up in my image gallery ^^.

How to change message tone?

Some , if not all of you have this problem when you try to change the message tone. Your sound files doesn't shows up even though you tried to browse your phone memory, it took very long for your e71 to scan the entire memory and eventually it pops out a 'download sound' and 'off' options. Don't worry this can be easily solved by removing your memory card temporary and the sound list from your phone will show up on your e71 (remember to transfer your desired ring tone to your phone memory first). This is a bug, e71 have a problem producing the sound list when it is more than , erm letz say 400 i suppose... but once you remove your memory card, the number of sound files becomes manageable.