Thursday, May 14, 2009

mIRC for e71

mIRGGI is a Free Mobile IRC (internet relay chat) application for the Nokia E71. It’s almost like having a desktop IRC on your phone.

It is a fantastic online chatting software for people like me who are bored at nite and looking for someone to chat with. You can chat with anyone around the globe with the right server. For more info on servers you can do a google search for your region.

download here

Where I am usually at:
port: 6667
Chatroom: #Singapore

now you wont be lonely anymore at nite


  1. hi Steve. When I try to load the sisx file in my phone a error message that says 'certificate error, please contact the application supplier' pops up.

    what do I do to solve this problem?


  2. pls check the section in this blog for "how to install unsigned files".

  3. Hi steve, nice blog, kip it up, how can i get a server for my region, i am lost in google,do not know what to serch for.
    please try to give a guideline on the setting you need for it to work
    cant wait to start chatting


  4. you can do a google search for something like " the name of your country and irc server"