Monday, January 26, 2009

Tips on preventing accidental access to GPRS/WAP

When you are using GPRS, an icon will show up on the top left hand side of the home screen as 3.5g with 2 arrows beneath (symbolise hsdpa, high speed downlink packet access)

Fear your bill will explode from accidental usage and yet do not want to delete all the WAP connections? No worry, here is the trick. Go menu>tool>settings>connection>access points. For all the WAP/GPRS access point, ask every one of them to prompt for password.

So when you are using internet/application that require internet access, e71 will pop out a prompt box for username and password.

Note: if you do not want your e71 to have access to GPRS, press CANCEL on prompt. If you enter a wrong username or password, the GPRS/WAP connection will still proceed because most WAP do not require username and password in the first place. The pop out prompt box is only to warn you that an internet connection with GPRS is about to be made.

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