Saturday, January 31, 2009

How to turn e71 flash light into a torch?

download an application called S60spoton from here:


Monday, January 26, 2009

Tips on preventing accidental access to GPRS/WAP

When you are using GPRS, an icon will show up on the top left hand side of the home screen as 3.5g with 2 arrows beneath (symbolise hsdpa, high speed downlink packet access)

Fear your bill will explode from accidental usage and yet do not want to delete all the WAP connections? No worry, here is the trick. Go menu>tool>settings>connection>access points. For all the WAP/GPRS access point, ask every one of them to prompt for password.

So when you are using internet/application that require internet access, e71 will pop out a prompt box for username and password.

Note: if you do not want your e71 to have access to GPRS, press CANCEL on prompt. If you enter a wrong username or password, the GPRS/WAP connection will still proceed because most WAP do not require username and password in the first place. The pop out prompt box is only to warn you that an internet connection with GPRS is about to be made.

Singtel GPRS data charge rate

Check your gprs usage (from IDEAS WAP, IDEAS Internet etc) here :

It is in MB, then multiply by 1000 and $0.0053/kb and you will get the charge.
eg: 1.1mb x 1000 x $0.0053 = $5.83sgd

How to use Google maps without internet connection

read this forum on Mobile Gmap and how you can create stored map. This way when you are lost and without internet access. You still can use the gps and stored maps to find your way out.

1. Skip the java virtual machine installation step because e71 can already handle java applications without it. That installation file is for other phones which cant handle java files.

2. pls install the signed mgmaps-signed.jad
And then go to menu>installation>app manager>mgmaps>open>settings>read user data>always allow

3. Go to menu>tools>settings>general>positioning> tick agps, integrated, network based

How to get rid of BOTH the breathing light and clock in standby mode?

have you ever wonder which of these 2 consume more energy? (breathing light or clock screen saver) I did a test with nokia energy profiler and found that with the clock screen saver w/o breathing light, my e71 is consuming 0.02watt. And breathing light w/o screen saver is 0.01watt.

If you want to switch off BOTH screen saver and breathing light, you need the following program:

step 1: Go menu > tools > Themes > power saver choose "cClock v1.21"
step 2: Go menu > tools > profiles> General> Personalise > Breathing light choose "off"
last step: Go Menu > Installations > cClock > inside the programs there are many tabs, use the left and right button on the D pad to navigate. Here is my settings:

General: Display color "white on black" ; Power saving mode "yes" ; Backlight "no" ; whole background "no"
Time: "no"
Analog clock: "no"
Date: "no"
week: "no"
Icon: "no"
Chinese: "no"
stopwatch: "no"

options that I never mention means doesnt matter.

How to check program power usage in e71?

Try this program from nokia:

It is real nice.

Difference between signed and unsigned files

If your application is signed and installed, you can config under the application manager to let the application have the permission to access your memory data. This way, your application wont keep prompt you for access when you are using it.