Monday, January 26, 2009

How to get rid of BOTH the breathing light and clock in standby mode?

have you ever wonder which of these 2 consume more energy? (breathing light or clock screen saver) I did a test with nokia energy profiler and found that with the clock screen saver w/o breathing light, my e71 is consuming 0.02watt. And breathing light w/o screen saver is 0.01watt.

If you want to switch off BOTH screen saver and breathing light, you need the following program:

step 1: Go menu > tools > Themes > power saver choose "cClock v1.21"
step 2: Go menu > tools > profiles> General> Personalise > Breathing light choose "off"
last step: Go Menu > Installations > cClock > inside the programs there are many tabs, use the left and right button on the D pad to navigate. Here is my settings:

General: Display color "white on black" ; Power saving mode "yes" ; Backlight "no" ; whole background "no"
Time: "no"
Analog clock: "no"
Date: "no"
week: "no"
Icon: "no"
Chinese: "no"
stopwatch: "no"

options that I never mention means doesnt matter.


  1. Hi what settings did you use to switch get Cclock to switch teh screen off? power saving mode seems to not work on my e71, cclock just stays running

  2. works like a charm..thanks!!...saves a lot of power now....haha..