Sunday, April 5, 2009

why is there no sound with your java games on e71? ; the speaker came out full blast upon opening java games

If you want your java games to have sounds, make sure ur current phone profile has the 'warning tone' on. And if you are complaining that the speaker comes out at full blast upon opening a java game then I am sorry to say that there is no way to adjust the volume via the call volume button on the right side of the phone. All of the s60v3 (.sis or .sisx) games have build-in volume control while only some java games have this function, and this is the only way to adjust the volume of the game.


  1. Hi buddy,

    I have the profile set with warning tones on but any of the games I have downloaded still have no sound.

    The racing car game that came with the phone sounds fine though.

    Any suggestions?

  2. make sure ur profile is not silent mode and then check the in-game option that the volume is not set to 0%. It is a shame that games without built-in volume control came out full blast, so even if you do not have sounds despite taking these procedues, dont be sad because even if the sound is available it would be so loud that you wouldnt want it on.

  3. wow thanks a TON!! I don't think I'd have EVER figured this one out - yours was the only relevant google result I got! Nice blog I've added it to my delicious link :)

  4. turning 'warning tone' on solved my problem.
    thanks a lot.