Monday, January 26, 2009

How to use Google maps without internet connection

read this forum on Mobile Gmap and how you can create stored map. This way when you are lost and without internet access. You still can use the gps and stored maps to find your way out.

1. Skip the java virtual machine installation step because e71 can already handle java applications without it. That installation file is for other phones which cant handle java files.

2. pls install the signed mgmaps-signed.jad
And then go to menu>installation>app manager>mgmaps>open>settings>read user data>always allow

3. Go to menu>tools>settings>general>positioning> tick agps, integrated, network based

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  1. cant install the jar file, even hacked.....could you share the jar which can install in your phone...i have try all the jar in mgmap, cant install, it said error serti..fkt..
    how to fix it? helpp