Thursday, February 12, 2009

How to change message tone?

Some , if not all of you have this problem when you try to change the message tone. Your sound files doesn't shows up even though you tried to browse your phone memory, it took very long for your e71 to scan the entire memory and eventually it pops out a 'download sound' and 'off' options. Don't worry this can be easily solved by removing your memory card temporary and the sound list from your phone will show up on your e71 (remember to transfer your desired ring tone to your phone memory first). This is a bug, e71 have a problem producing the sound list when it is more than , erm letz say 400 i suppose... but once you remove your memory card, the number of sound files becomes manageable.


  1. thank you so much - your post was easy to find and it solved my problem! i can now find my ringtones :)


  2. And I also echo that thank you.
    I had the same problem, and after selecting off I realized that I could not attach a tone to messages at all. A quick Google and I came appon your page, and it's all sorted.
    Again thank you for taking the time to work this out and post the answer

  3. thank you
    it works...

  4. this doesnt work! this doesnt tell me how i am suppose to change my message alert tone to a track that i would like!!! somebody HELP MEE PLZ!!!!

  5. thank you very much!It really helped me fix my problem.Now i can assign a desired SMS tone.