Tuesday, April 7, 2009

GBC on e71 - Goboy

grab this application now !! I am enjoying all my favourites gameboy colour games atm ^^ These games are running at 100% gbc speed on e71!

Gameboy colour emulator

The application is in chinese, if you dont understand, leave a msg here I can help you translate.

Recommended game(s) aka ROM(s):

Dragon warrior monster 2★★★★★ Breed the most powerful monster!
Dragon warrior monster ★★★★★ Breed the most powerful monster!

Install Gameboy Colour emulator for e71 to phone memory and save your ROM(s) to c:\GoBoy\


  1. Surely you jest!

  2. due to the age of the post you should include these instructions since the certificates on the installers are outdated.
    1: set E71 to offline mode to prevent auto time update.
    2: change year to 2007 in the date and time settings.
    3:install using nokia pc suite or copy to phones memory. install in the order described by the instructions given in the .nfo file (open the file in notepad if windows gives you an error).

    just making sure everyone is playing GBC on their e71s!!